About Us

What's RoyalVectors.com?

RoyalVectors is a site which prides itself on delivering the highest quality vectors on the web for free. We search tirelessly to bring our users the latest free license content and organise it in a user friendly website that is easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. From backgrounds, photos, floral design, icons ornaments and patterns to logos and creative works from around the world, RoyalVectors is packed with over 280,000 carefully selected vectors.

Why was RoyalVectors created?

Vector files are important to any designer, amateur or professional. Many of the sites that provide vector and photo content charge a fee to access them. We felt there was a need to connect designers with free license vectors from all around the web, organized in a simple and versatile way to access them. That's when RoyalVectors was born. We encourage everyone to submit content of their own in order to continue growing our free vector database.